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Financial Empower Group Presents...

We are running a monthly webinar series explaining various areas of finances that we feel are valuable for everyone but for women and the LGTQ+ community to be aware of.


Why do we feel this is valuable and why do we target women? Well women’s finance is different. Factors like the gender pay gap, career breaks, a longer life expectancy and a different attitude to risk can all add up to women not meeting their financial goals.

Planning for your secure future, be it for yourself, your family or your business is one of the most important steps you will ever take. So, what holds us back?

Same with the LGBQT+ community, their marriage rights differ in Hong Kong and this can affect their financial decisions and options.

Our series will conduct of 45 minutes sessions, with an afternoon and evening time slot available on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of every month.

Location: zoom

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