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Webinar: Enter 2021 Feeling Empowered

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

We all know that 2020 has been a tough year for a lot of people and we want to provide some key strategic goal-setting practices that will make you feel confident about heading into the new year. Make 2021 a year to feel excited about, or at the very least at ease with a structured plan to provide security and control.

On 12 January 2021, we held two 30-minute webinars with Nancy Dungan,

Positive Personal Goal Setting

In our latest webinar hosted by Nancy Dungan, we addressed Positive Goal Setting. For many of us, we set New Years Resolutions by putting the focus on what we don't have, rather than imagining the positive outcome we want to feel when we have achieved our ambition. For example, if you are aiming to lose weight - Nancy recommends you to write this goal as if it has already happened, and express how happy and satisfied it can make you feel. She reminded that when writing these goals, remember to be precise and specific. An example of a good goal setting would be "I'm delighted that I've lost 64kg this year", rather than "I want to lose weight".

Eleanor Coleman is the Founder and Principal of The Financial Empowerment Group (FE Group), a Financial Advisory Practice she started in 2018. Eleanor is a licensed and trusted financial adviser with 15 years of industry experience in Hong Kong, working for international banks and financial firms.

The FE Group aims to create a safe space where you can ask questions, seek help with financial planning, and feel in control of your finances no matter what stage of your career and life you are at.

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