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Giving your financial goals the best start possible in 2024: RTHK interview

Today, Carolyn Wright at RTHK and I set about tackling the flimsiness of New Year's resolutions. Keeping on track of lofty, or ambitious, goals is tough. Whether it's relying on automation, budgeting tools, or having an accountability buddy, there is plenty of help out there that can help you achieve your 2024 financial goals. It's the same premise behind hiring a personal trainer to get fit - people often need someone to keep the incremental gains (and setbacks!) aligned with your bigger picture.


However, in my opinion, what's more important is changing actual spending habits. This involves creating the space every month to take a good, hard look at ourselves and see if we met our own expectations as the year unfolds.


Listen to my chat with Carolyn on Money Talks below.


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