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Webinar: Building Resilience in the Year of the Ox

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The year of the OX is a great time to start thinking about how to be stronger, more determined and more financially and personally resilient.

We are hosting a webinar to be empowered by your home and feel energized by your environment.

Our expert in Feng Shui, Liz Lau, will guide you on how to map your home and be in harmony with your surroundings for 2021. Eleanor Coleman will give tips on how to plan out your assets to be more in control of your money.

For those who missed the webinar or who would like a recap. Please view the video of the webinar below.

Eleanor Coleman is the Founder and Principal of The Financial Empowerment Group (FE Group), a Financial Advisory Practice she started in 2018. Eleanor is a licensed and trusted financial adviser with 15 years of industry experience in Hong Kong, working for international banks and financial firms.

The FE Group aims to create a safe space where you can ask questions, seek help with financial planning, and feel in control of your finances no matter what stage of your career and life you are at.

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